We have developed multiple solutions to best suit your needs.

Wealth Advisor and Direct for individual savings, Prospeer for employee savings and retirement plans, and Fourgous for the diagnosis and migration of Euro-UC stock into life insurance.

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Completely online

Accessible for all types of structures.

Easily set up.


Fully automatizable

By using Fundvisory's robot-advisor bricks.


Comply with regulations

On the adequacy of the profile-advice-product and the traceability of the advice.


Shorten the duration of customer journey

By 75% thanks to the efficiency and automation of the Fundvisory modules.


Increases profitability

Of the broker or advisor by a factor of 4.


Significantly reduce risks

Regulatory and operational risk.

Wealth Direct

Wealth Direct is a next-generation modular platform, serving as white-label extranet for insurers, brokers and banks wishing to offer a comprehansive dashboard to their end customers. It integrates investment actions and automated advice (or advice pushed by financial advisors), both on new products (e.g. subscription of a new life insurance contract online), and on existing customer portfolios (alerts, advice or diagnostics allowing to reallocate savings according to one's projects).

Wealth Direct
Wealth Direct

Wealth Advisor

Wealth Advisor is an extranet coupled with a CRM that allows wealth advisors to manage their client bases, from subscription to investment actions, including risk profiling, KYC/LAB and automated dynamic advice. Thanks to an aggregation brick, Wealth Advisor allows to import all savings available online in order to offer a complete view of a client saving plans to an advisor. Communication between advisor and client is ensured by the dedicated online space per customer. Like Wealth Direct, Wealth Advisor addresses both existing and new needs.


100% online solution for employee savings

Creation of legal, contractual and social documents.
Automated transmition of administrative materials upon creation of an employee saving plan.
Templates and standard agreements available to facilitate all necessary steps.
Robo-advisor accompanies employees throughout their saving projects.

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Fourgous votre épargne Fourgous notre proposition


The intelligent platform of diagnosing and monitoring customer data and receivables

On its administrator's console, Fourgous allows the implementation of a migration strategy over a digital journey, and the monitoring of the migration progress in real time. It is the only solution in France that allows insurers and their clients to rationalize and optimize their exposure to Euro funds.